We were tasked with creating a rebrand, content videos, website, brochureware, and a new fundraising strategy and campaign for Anxiety New Zealand Trust.

Our approach was that every touchpoint and item of printed material should evoke the same feelings that Anxiety NZ brings to those experiencing anxiety or depression – that is of a calming, soothing effect.

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"Eden Arts Club has created a lot of content for our organisation and advised, coached and supported us through branding transition, website building, social media development and video resource production. 

They bring a wealth of international experience combined with the EQ skills to work across different cultures and sectors. Their ability to translate the creative scape and technical ideas into our language is a key strength."


Sarah Woollard, CEO,
Anxiety New Zealand Trust.

One in a series of educational and inspirational videos targeted at people experiencing anxiety.

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Linkedin campaign targeted at HR and People & Culture Managers

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