A partnership between the alcohol industry safe drinking initiative Cheers! and Uber, the brief was to create a digitally led campaign that encouraged responsible drinking and getting home safely with Uber.

We created Sober Self chat bot where visitors could program their own warning message to be sent to them at a time of their choosing – encouraging them to take it easy. Additional incentive to get home before they got drunk came in the form of an Uber discount of 25%, which was timed to disappear after an hour.


The bot had over ten thousands unique connections during the two weeks it was in operation and picked up several awards.

Effie Awards:
Silver – Most effective use of digital technology.
Bronze – New Product or Service.

Beacon Awards:
Gold – Best use of Mobile.
Silver – Best use of technology.
Gold – Best Creative Media Idea.
Finalist – Best use of insight.

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Example chat where no Uber code is used.

Hand crafted Out-of-home posters:

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3. Bathroom BFFs small.jpg

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